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Counselling for Children and Teenagers

Children and most teenagers don’t want to sit still and talk for an hour! Karen uses a range of resources and activities to engage with children and help them to express themselves. Creative activities, such as fabric therapy, art and play therapy, books, cards, games and gardening are some examples. Children have the same emotions as adults and often don’t have the words or the maturity to deal with them. There are also times when they know that mum or dad will be too sad or worried to listen to them, which in turn continues a pattern of silence.

All children and teenagers are welcome, including those with special needs and with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Screen time is not a component of Towers Counselling, as children already spend a lot of time in front of electronics. Maintaining eye contact, building social skills and the sensory experience of using fabric are all a part of this service. Children and teenagers under the NDIS scheme (National Disability Insurance Scheme) who are self-managed or plan-managed are able to see Karen for counselling sessions. This can include Art Therapy or Walk and Talk Therapy as a part of the hourly session. 

Fabric pieces 2048 x 900

Teenagers are able to make interesting items as a part of the counselling process and all resources are provided.   

Wall hanging of Yugioh Fighting Dragons, completed by a 10-year-old client

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